Teaching for schools

Our “Mostra Permanente – Le Carrozze d'Epoca” museum offers an educational programme for preschools, primary schools and first grade secondary schools.

The programme is organised as follows:

- Transport: our Management will book a coach (round-trip), if required

- Visit: by observing the different kinds of old carriages, our guide will stimulate interest, imagination and creativity in the kids, and give them basic historical and cultural notions to help their learning.

- Workshops: after the tour the students will be involved in activities like drawing, collage, and journalism for the older ones.

In the Drawing and Collage Workshop scale models of old carriages will be used as examples for the kids to draw on paper with their favourite technique. The younger kids will be given some sheets to colour, cut and glue.

In the Journalism Workshop the kids will be divided in two groups, two small editorial staffs: each kid will have a task, and the final goal is to write an article about their experience in the “Mostra Permanente – Le Carrozze d'Epoca” museum.

The article will be later published on our website.

Our Museum Management will provide the material needed for each workshop.

At the end of the learning programme – taking place in the morning, with a possibility to continue in the afternoon – each student will be given a free “Mostra Permanente – Le Carrozze d'Epoca” calendar, their school will receive a catalogue of the exhibition and a Photo souvenir CD of the visit can be delivered the same day, or sent later.


- Booking is needed to take part in the programme.

- The visiting hours have to be arranged for each group, especially if the visit is prolonged until afternoon

- The ticket price is 5,00 euros for each student (free entrance for visitors with disabilities)

- Free entrance for the Teachers leading the group

- The tour guide, as well as the material given by the museum, are included in the ticket

- Our museum has a wide parking area for cars and coaches, and a recreation/lunch area.

If you're interested and want to learn more, we are available to give you more information.

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