Permanent Exhibition – Old Carriages

The “Mostra Permanente – Le Carrozze d'Epoca” (Permanent Exhibition – Old Carriages) museum is a cultural site for horse and carriage amateurs from all over the world; it is located in Rome and it's one of Lazio's Regional Museums.

159 vintage carriages are shown in a 3000 sq. m. space; they belong to a collection of 600 carriages, all collected during 50 years of deep and enthusiastic research.

In our peculiar and rich exhibition you can admire the original chariots starred in Ben Hur and Gladiator, majestic Berlines (including a Berlin for kids owned by princess Sissi), elegant Landaulets, the Landau used by the then bishop Karol Wojtyla to go skiing in Zakopane, Poland; and also Sleds, Stagecoaches, chinese Rickshaws, Asian carriages, an original Napoleonic Carriage with a gun (later starred in the movie The Adventures of Baron Munchausen), the small carriage owned by the actress Anna Magnani, carriages from World War I, finely decorated italian wagons, a fire carriage, the Irish wagon seen in the movie The Quiet Man starring John Wayne, Caravans - symbol of Western adventures, Omnibuses, Coupés, every type of service carriage and many more.

In addition, completing the many examples of carriages cited so far, in the Salone del Cavallo (Horse Hall) you will find a lot of saddles, trappings (including those used in the movie Stagecoach) and harnesses; everything is carefully kept in the Salone Finimenti (Harness Hall). To expand our collection even further, here are also armours, helms, old weapons, old equipment, scale carriage models, theme pictures, old toys, accessories, fine porcelains and anything else from the horse-drawn world.

With such an important international heritage, our "Mostra permanente - Le Carrozze d'Epoca" museum aims at reviving the old and fascinating carriages, forerunners of cars, promoting their popularization in many aspects – historical, artistic, technical, cultural and educational. We hope to satisfy specialists, to be a research centre for scholars, to encourage visitors to discover a subject which deserves attention and preservation, a subject which witnesses human intelligence and progress up to the present day.


View the embedded image gallery online at:
View the embedded image gallery online at: